What if you could focus on running your core business, while our professional managed services team handles the internship program on your behalf?

We get it. Interns are a great way to find future employees, increase visibility on college campuses, improve your employee retention rate, foster leadership skills in current employees, and support students and communities.

However, managing these programs can be quite challenging. Items such as program design, recruitment, compensation planning, streamlined onboarding, internal management training, and creating a rewarding experience for the interns is a lot to juggle – not to mention understanding the overall landscape and industry trends in regard to attracting the right student interns.

Through InternInnovations℠, Salem can partner with you to alleviate the stress and workload of managing your internship program by handling critical segments and keeping you ahead of the competition in attracting top talent. 

Our Services

Select only the customized services you need or an all-inclusive package.


With a dedicated program manager, Salem can source, match and engage interview-ready candidates from your database or ours.

Screening & Interviewing

Knowing that the best indicator of future performance is past behavior, Salem performs behavioral-based interviews in screening each candidate.

Skill Testing

With over 1000 validated assessments, Salem tests for skills in areas such as clerical, software, call center, financial, healthcare, industrial, legal, and technical job classifications.

Background Checking

Salem ensures that background checks and/or drug tests are administered and cleared, based on client requirements.


Salem tailors the onboarding process to ensure all client requirements are met and a client-specific orientation is provided with each new payroller.

Payroll Processing

Salem becomes the employer-of-record for the internship program, responsible for all employer-related activities.

What Our Clients Say

“It seems like every year, our internship program gets stronger and more efficient. It’s a credit to the innovation and hard work of the Salem team.”

- Financial Services Client

“The level of communication and organization from the Salem team is critical to making a great experience for the interns and our company. Salem keeps all parties informed and each intern progressing throughout the onboarding process. It’s been a wonderful experience partnering with them on these programs over the years.”

- Manufacturing Client